Detailed module planning and the preparation of a module guide

It is not possible to attach all my modules and to explain in detail how I plan. However, I can say that I consult CAPS when I plan my mathematics curriculum studies modules, as my students have to have a clear understanding of the aspects in which they need to be competent.

Below is ONE module that I have developed collaboratively:

PICM202: Click here to view

My recent developed module is the PEMC203 Media Module for 2014. This is an online module. Hyperlinks for online exploration are included in the Units of the module. I include three UNITS and study letter as examples below:

PEMC203: Study Letter Click here to view

PEMC203: UNIT 1 Click here to view

PEMC203: UNIT 2 Click here to view

PEMC203: UNIT 7 Click here to view