Examples of curricula and learning resources that reflect a command and up-to-date knowledge of the discipline/subject field

I try to use electronic technology such as PowerPoint and the LEARN (learn.nmmu.ac.za) online platform in my modules (See Image from Learn.nmmu.ac.za below).


Furthermore, I also communicate via email with my students regarding things that they need to bring to class or to remind them about assignment and test dates, test times and test venues.

In addition, I also make use of the online YOUTUBE video footage to drive, complement or to serve as additional class learning material (See image below).


YouTube Patterns

iPad for teaching and learning

I also use the iPad and create my own iPad mathematics videos on the iPad. These videos are uploaded onto LEARN, the NMMU iLearn system, where students can review aspects that have been discussed in class. I also play some of these videos in class and use them then as a tool to further understanding and discussion (See image below).

 Educreations Topic 8

 Below is a screen image and links to some of my videos:

Polygons iPad

 Click here to go to the Educreations app.


 My PowerPoint Animation Tutorial 

 Click on the PLAY button at the bottom to play tutorial.



My EXCEL Animation Tutorial 


Click on the PLAY button at the bottom to play tutorial.