Engagement in professional development activities and reflection on the knowledge and skills gained
  • Initial Lecture Training (June 2007) by Mrs Elsa Lombard and Dr
       Robert Gerber

Reflection: This session provided all new lecturers with tools to assist us with our teaching and learning. It also provided us with an overview of the university structures. We were challenged to video record one of our teaching sessions, look at ourselves and critically reflect. I had arranged to record a session and it was interesting to see oneself in action, the good and the bad and the ugly!

  • Supervision Skills: a two day workshop presented by Dr Chris Kapp

Reflection: This not only prepared me to supervise, but it also assisted my on how to deal with my supervisors.


  • Writing your philosophical teaching and learning position (2008) by
       Mrs Elsa Lombard and Dr Robert Gerber

Reflection: This was very insightful and assisted me in preparing this application.


  • Academic Writing: a two day workshop presented by Dr Christelle
       Troskie de Bruyn (2009)

Reflection: This helped me as a novice academic writer to plan and analyse my own writing. We were also able to evaluate articles from other academics that have been published. It was useful to assess the good aspects and those aspects that could be improved.


  • MEd and PhD Supervising: A two day workshop by Prof and Dr
       Hewson (2010)

Reflection: This session was interesting, but too generic. It also allowed too little time for use to engage with the presenters and with one another. However, the Gavisons V idea was insightful.


  • Theoretical Frameworks: A two day workshop (2012)

       Reflection: Focusing on 'heavy' social theories - Foucault, Deluise
       and others. The aspect of power and whose power very


  • Thesis writing: Three day workshop conducted by Dr Hofstee

       Reflection: This workshop immensely helped with constructing
       the final chapter of the thesis in such a manner that it the only
       chapter that one has to read - the practical, methodological and
       theoretical contribution presentations is very helpful.


  • Community Engagement: A two day workshop by Prof George de
       Lange (2013)

       Reflection: This workshop assisted me in re-aligning my
       engagement projects to be inline with the NMMU policy.


  • FRE Training: A one day workshop on FRE implementation for line
       managers (2014)

      Reflection: Assisting me immensely with how to approach the
      completion in a realistic manner. Equally important, it paved the
      way for assisting my peers and to have a thorough understanding
      of the FRE.


  • Supervision SLP: An SLP conducted by Prof Paul Webb and Prof
       Naydene de Lange (2014)

       Reflection: Assisting me to improve the way that I supervise.