Ability to drive innovations in teaching and learning

I will show below, as well in the links provided, the ability to drive innovation in teaching and learning. I will use various 'bold' headings for each section.

South African Teaching Advancement at University (TAU) Fellowship

During this programme I explored our Faculty's (click here for my output     portfolio) "Lecturers’ attitudes, computer attributes, ICT skills and ICT usage for teaching and learning in the Faculty of Education at NMMU", as this enables us to come to terms where we as Faculty are. I presented the findings during a lunch session.

Module writing innovations: New assessment tools, electronic pdf textbook and module guides with video links 

I developed the new School Based Learning module for 2019 (click here). I developed a new assessment tool for the School Based Learning module, as Faculty want to move away from 'tick boxes' and 'marks' to rather achieving outcomes at a certain level. I also included reflection excercises which staff can view after students have been to schools, in order that staff can obtain a picture of students' experiences. The module also has contact sessions during which I have ensured by including reflection related tasks that they can be enabled to share their expetriences with one another. he design, contents, formatting and layout was all done by myself.  

In addition, I was also tasked to design the Educational Foundations module, which included the formatting and layout, design and contents. I have completed this with the assistance of colelagues. However, Theme 2, was re-designed by me, as I included reflection excercises, flipped learning and hyperlinks to videos and texts. Students have an opportunity to download the pdf format of this module and can then click on the various links in Theme 2 which then will open the texts or videos (click here to view).  

I was also tasked to develop a module and textbook for the BEd Intermediate Phase Mathematics Method and Theory modules. I have designed a pdf textbook containing hyperlinks in order to assist students who struggles with certain aspects to explore these aspects online by means of links to YouTube videos or links to online texts. The design, contents, formatting and layout was all done by myself. The module and textbook (2 chapters of the textbook still in design) have received extremly positive feedback from the external reviewer. The module can be viewed here (click here) and the pdf ebook with hyperlinks here (click here). 

Showcasing video creation

Below is a screen image and links to some of my videos:

Polygons iPad

 My PowerPoint Animation Tutorial: One example

Click on the PLAY button at the bottom to play tutorial. I develop these videos on a continuous basis to cater for my students' different needs. Some are fast learners, some slower ones. The video assist all learners as they can view them at anytime outside the classroom contact time. 

My EXCEL Animation Tutorial: One example

Click on the PLAY button at the bottom to play tutorial.