Reflection on quality of modules

Below is a short report as a result of reflection and tutor input of the PSPL301 and PSED305 year modules. This reflection was done mid-year. This indicates that I am asking my tutors for their feedback to determine the impact of the module and with a view to make necessary changes when alerted to it.

From: Du Plessis, Andre Mr (Missionvale Campus)
Sent: 25 May 2009 10:41 AM
To: Ilsley, Jeff (Dr) (Missionvale Campus)
Subject: Module report

Hi Jeff

Below follows the module report:

The response of a tutor, captures the impact of PSPL301 and PSED305: “As a tutor I find the module to be very enriching for me because every time I go for contact sessions I study the module first and most of the time I reflect on my own experiences as an educator and there's always something to share with colleagues. I have gained better understanding of action research myself and it’s even applicable at my current project. I even share and discuss the modules with Transnet colleagues and intend sharing with educators during educator development workshops.”

Another tutor commented as follows:

How are the students experiencing the module?

•Teachers are happy that the module is addressing what they are doing in class for example designing a work schedule and preparing lesson plans.

How are you experiencing the module?

•I enjoy supporting teachers with understanding the curriculum and implementing it as I have been doing this for some time. I give teachers a chance to improve on areas where they did not do well. Marking the assignments takes time but I’m enjoying it.

Any problems

•Few teachers are struggling when they are supposed to reflect and document but with assistance they see the need to reflect after every lesson.

Any positives?

•There are teachers who did very well in the assignment. Their reflection shows what really took place in their classes. Some have indicated that they are sharing with other colleagues and are enjoying the module. This module is going to improve their classroom practice.


Hope you can make something of this as this provides the tutor’s and students’ feedback and not mine, which gives it a different ‘flavour.’


André du Plessis