Self-reflection on the effectiveness of their leadership

How effective am I? This is quite a tough question! I personally think that the best persons would be persons in the Education faculty with which I engage regularly. Their responses in Appendices B6 to B13 seem to indicate that I am a pioneer in the development of new ‘ways of doing’.

Dr Sindi Mbokodi commented as follows:

Dear Andre

Please be informed that the two ladies who owed WRX 103 finally graduated and it is all thanks to you.  I specifically appreciated the manner in which you assisted all the seriously technologically challenged with obtaining the skill.  I do know that you went out of your way to assist them.  You exceeded the time I allocated to you.  They are also grateful to you.  And I appreciated your dedication.

I am acknowledging you so that when I ask on behalf on the strugglers next time, you will come to my rescue.  It is sad that some of them have been teaching for more than a decade but they have never held a computer mouse in their hands.

 Kind regards


The following extract from Prof Naydene de Lange, suggests that I do take up challenges and that I do show leadership in practice:

De Lange

Prof Hugh Glover commented about my leadership, as follows:

Glover 1

My leadership in projects has also been valued, as evident from an extract from Prof Paul Webb:

Webb 1



One aspect that really stood out for me personally was my nomination and election as representative on the international IOSTE committee in June 2010, where I presented an academic paper. This implies that I am a key person that serves on the board to help with the planning and organization of the next international conference for 2012. This has shown me that I am valued and that the international participants at the conference have faith in my abilities.

Another aspect where I tried to contribute was when our Faculty started to contemplate the introduction of Hubs. I presented a written ‘short paper’ and a PowerPoint on HUBS and how it relates to theory. Prof Zinn, the dean of the Faculty of Education, appreciated my energy and stated “Andre, you are priceless! Your enthusiasm and energy are infectious, and I look forward to reading your pieces as soon as I can.”

The establishment of the Faculty online Academic Journal ( is another milestone and we are currently busy finalizing our fifth edition for 2014!!

Another highlight was to be asked to chair the Africa Higher-Ed ICT 2011 conference that was held in March 2011 – which was also reported in the Faculty Monthly Newsletter. See also the organizer of the conference’s response below:

Dear Dr Du Plessis

Thank you for chairing the Africa Higher Ed ICT Conference that was held on the 30th and 31st March 2011. Your innovative, practical, insightful and thought provoking comments was greatly appreciated by all conference delegates. We are pleased by the way you handle all the speakers session after session. Your style of leadership added more colour to the conference. We also want to appreciate the presentation you gave and the exceptional work you are doing in ICT and Education as indicated in your presentation. Your dynamic presentation in many ways contributed significantly to achieving the conference objectives. We do hope you will continue to develop and implement emerging and innovative ways of transforming teaching and learning through ICT.

Once again, thank you.

Kind Regards


Being HOD and HOP of the PGCE in PE and George has brought many challenges. As youngest academic male in the Faculty of Education, this is a challenge. However, feedback from my colleagues and the Director of the School in which the PGCE resides, suggests that I am doing my tasks and job well.

My leadership also requires that I attend to students who experience problems regarding academic issues. Below is a response from one of our PGCE Class Reps:

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Thank you Dr du Plessis! You've always been there for us this year! Thanks for that. I went home to Jeffrey's Bay but I'll come through tomorrow to NMMU.

Thanks again!

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Dear Jacques

I have emailed him and is awaiting his response.


Andre du Plessis

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To: Du Plessis, Andre (Dr) (Summerstrand South Campus)

Subject: HMS128

Good afternoon Dr du Plessis

I just checked my results and I saw that I have 0% for HMS128. I'm not sure how this happened. I sent Mr Ryan Raffan from the HMS department an email now as well. I know I missed 3 practicals because I went for operations but I provided his instructors with the doctors certificates from the hospital. Could you please look into this? Other than that all my results are exceptionally well.

Thanks for your time!


Jacques Dennis


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