I have been fortunate to be invited as a plenary speaker on several occasions within the last 3 years. Bearing in mind that I have been a head of department at school before as well as being an academic at tertiary level for only 7 years now, this is indeed a great achievement and highligt in my academic career.

I have also received an invitation from Prof Dr Martin Bilek to be a keynote plenary speaker at an international IOSTE ICT Conference to be held in the Czech Republic in September 2014. My keynote topic is: A heuristic for the design and practical implementation of ICT based animated learner designed cartoons for the promotion of scientific literacy thinking (Click here)

In addition, I have been invited to also be a keynote at the University of Siauliai in October 2014. My keynote topic is: Developing English second language writing and speaking by means of Cartoon Story Maker ICT Software.

Presented keynotes:

  • Du Plessis, A. (2014). Cyberhunts: Technology usage meeting levels of cognitive thinking and critical outcomes in all subjects, including science. Video keynote presented at the NATURAL SCIENCE EDUCATION IN COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOLS 2014 Conference, Panevėžys, 25–26 April, 2014.
  • Du Plessis, A. (2013). Wikis and PowerPoints as cognitive development tools in Scientific Literacy. Keynote presented at the International Scientific Conference, “Information & communication technology in natural science education – 2013”,  23-27 October 2013, Siauliai, Lithuania.
  • Du Plessis, A. (2013). A heuristic for ICT implementation in schools and FET colleges. Keynote presented at the 4th Annual ICT in Higher Education, Johannesburg, 18-19 March 2013.
  • Du Plessis, A. (2011). Internet learning through learners as designers of Extended Cyberhunts: A South African Developed Strategy. Keynote presented at the Africa Higher-Ed ICT Conference, Johannesburg, 30-31 March 2011.