Coordinating a module/programme

I have been responsible as module coordinator for the coordination and training of several modules at our off-campus sites and on campus since 2008 (See image below). Since 2013 I am Head of Department and Head of Programme of the Post Graduate Certificate in Education [PGCE] (PE and George Campus) as well as facilitating the PGCE curriculum renewal process.


Another initiative which I coordinate in collaboration with Mr Vernon Naidoo and Prof Paul Webb, the ABSA SMIS and Hermann Ohlthaver Trust  Internet Project, is a project that has not only benefitted disadvantaged schools, BUT it has also benefitted NMMU students’ learning. [Prof Webb secured the computers]. Prof Maritz Snyders requested whether bandwidth could be made available from our wireless links for some off-campus NMMU students, and we gave him the go ahead to use our resources. Thus here, I have also contributed to academic leadership to assist students with their learning indirectly, i.e. making resources available and hence assist them. An image is indicated below of the wireless network.

Since March 2014, I have been involved with the coordination of a virtual online Science classroom with a school in Paterson. Dr Jeff Illsley (retired) conduct lessons online to learners at Peterson from his home in Port Elizabeth. We hope to roll this out to more schools and embark on research related to this.