Testimonials (feedback) from colleagues

My fellow colleagues also support the fact that I am a very good teacher-facilitator. This becomes evident in their responses below:

Regarding my input related to teaching, assessment and module writing, Dr Pam Austin commented as follows:

Pam 1

Prof Hugh Glover, someone whom I rate as one on the best Mathematicians in action and in his ability to explain mathematics, had the following to say about my expertise:

Glover 2

Prof Glover continued by stating the following:

Glover 3

It is really great to receive such responses from colleagues, as these responses just ‘push’ me to try and improve even more, in order that my students, colleagues and the NMMU can benefit as a whole. I really appreciate the faith that they have shown in my abilities.

In the projects that I have worked, Prof Paul Webb commented about my teaching ability, as follows:

Webb 2

DVC Academic recommendation: Below is a link to the recommendation of the DVC Academic, Prof Piet Naude, for my application to the HELM LEAD HEI Leadership Scholarship Programme. This clearly suggest that I do embody the qualities of a good academic and as teacher on several fronts. (Click here)

Dr Kathija Adam, Director of the Off Campus Unit, had the following to say: click here to view


Dr Shervani Pillay wrote: click here to view