Testimonials from colleagues who have worked closely with me

Below are links to pdf files that I have received from peers/colleagues regarding my teaching, learning, leadership, etc: 

In addition to the above, the extracts below from an email from Prof Lesley Wood [See below], Dr Pam Austin and Prof Hugh Glover suggest that I do have a good reputation among peers:

“I have no hesitation in supporting your application for Teacher of the Year. Having collaborated with you on the action research module, I know that you have many innovative ideas and do not stop until you are sure that your students understand what is required of them and are able to perform well.  You are very innovative in terms of providing opportunities for learning, specifically on-line learning.  The resource you designed for the Masters group is extremely useful and innovative. You always put your students first and go the extra mile and take leadership in many areas related to teaching and learning – e.g. the faculty journal idea, the electronic teaching aids and so on.”

 Prof Lesley Wood

Dr Austin, with whom I worked closely on South Campus, wrote the following:

 Pam 1

Mr Dhansa Pather, a tutor from our Durban site wrote the following:

 From: Dhansa Pather [mailto:dhansa@telkomsa.net]
Sent: 27 May 2010 12:37 PM
To: Du Plessis, Andre (Dr) (Summerstrand South Campus)


Dr Andre du Plessis is known to me for the past three years as a colleague of NMMU in the Smate Programme.  Even outside the classroom, Andre is a wonderful friend to be with.  He holds a good conversation, very informative, full of fun and more importantly warm and concerned.  As a lecturer/teacher I perceive Andre to be a very good classroom exponent with great teaching abilities, employing the different teaching strategies accompanied by assessment programmes and remedial measures with very good results.  Andre would be a credit to any academic institution whatever its level.

In my encounters with Andre as my master tutor at training sessions, I found him to be in full command of the subject matter well prepared and exuberant in both his delivery and fondness for the material he presents. He is innovative and does not hesitate to introduce and use new technology associated with classroom lessons.

Andre is also very persistent in achieving the best outcomes for his charges irrespective of the levels of ability or the background.  He is of the opinion that most of us if directed sincerely with a “researched” plan (with flexibilities) the goals will be achieved.