Teaching and learning development activities engaged in

  • Leadership Effectiveness Advancement Programme [One year Short 
        Learning Programme], NMU 2017
  • Collaborating to create value, NMU 2017
  • Thinking on your feet, NMU 2017
  • Supervision International DAAD and NMMU Kenia Project (2015 onwards)
  • Teaching Large Classes. NMMU CTLM (2015)
  • Supervision SLP: Yearlong DAAD SLP, Faculty of Education (2014)
  • Faculty Curriculum Engagement Activities (2013)
  • Workshop: Thesis writing and supervision by Dr Hofsted (2012)
  • Workshop: Guiding your students regarding theoretical frameworks 
  • Workshop: Academic Engagement (2012)
  • Community Engagement: A two day workshop by Prof George de  
          Lange (2013) 
  • Theoretical Frameworks: A two day workshop (2012) 
  • Attending academic faculty writing retreats (2008, 2010)
  • Attending a workshop on Academic writing presented by Dr Estelle 
         Troskie De Bruyn (2009)
  • Attending a supervising workshop presented by Dr Chris Kapp (2007)
  • Attending the workshop on supervising presented by the international 
         academics pair, the  Hewsons (2010)
  • Initial Lecture Training (June 2007) by Mrs Elsa Lombard and Dr Robert 
  • Writing your philosophical teaching and learning position (2008) by Mrs 
         Elsa Lombard and Dr Robert Gerber