Reflection in order to assist students


Below is an example of one of the written report that I provided to students after they have completed an assignment that is part of their six assignment PSED305 year module. They receive written reports for each assignment after I have reflected upon their assignments.

22 May 2008

Dear Students

For assignment two, you had to choose two teaching strategies that you could use to address the burning issue. Remember that we said that we will be satisfied with only two different teaching strategies and that you will then have to design two lessons, each lesson based on a different teaching strategy.

You only had to write 1 page for each teaching strategy. I could see that you have really tried to engage with the literature, especially Killen. I am glad about that.

Choice of strategy:

 When you write about the teaching strategy that you have chosen, you should write it in such a manner that it refers to the mathematics classroom. Your teaching strategy must therefore be adapted for the mathematics classroom. Describe the advantages that it has for the teaching of your topic.


You must reference both in the text and have a list of references used at the end.  Check my   Feedback document that you have received at the last session. For details on how to do this, I have also attached an example which I have written to show you how to reference inside a text as well as how the reference list looks.

One cannot reference or refer to an author in the text and not have that reference in your reference list. The same applies the other way around. Thus, the authors in your reference list at the end of your assignment should be referenced in your assignment.

I have decided to provide you with an example of a combination of assignment 1 and 2 and some ideas for the rest when you have to submit your final REPORT.


Andre du Plessis



From: Du Plessis, Andre (Dr) (Summerstrand South Campus)
Sent: Sunday, April 20, 2014 8:02 PM
To: PEMC203
Cc: Turyagyenda, Joy (Ms) (Summerstrand Campus South)
Subject: PEMC203: Worksheet Rubric as on 17 April 2014

Dear PEMC203 Students

Hope you are having a wonderful resting period.

I had questions pertaining to the worksheet assignment assessment tool. I have given the WORKSHEET assignment some thought and have designed a simplified assessment tool, which I attach. I am sure that this updated version is clear and easy to follow.

Please inform me if it makes sense AND contact me if you need any clarification.

I have also update it onto LEARN. You will find it at the end of TOPIC 4, WORKSHEET CREATION. It is in Word and PDF format.


Andre du Plessis